The apostle Paul addresses everyone in the book of Ephesians, giving encouragement and advice to different people groups in this passage. In this devo...View Details

This week, David Clark leads us through a short devotional, covering four things we need to know about salvation from this passage in Ephesians. 

We are starting a devotional series through Ephesians! Cody Bryan shares his insights from the first chapter of this book, which has great application...View Details

At our first Challenge Worship Night, Paul reminds us of why we worship. This weekly time together can be an important part of our growth in Christ th...View Details

A Life Worth Living

In the last Challenge of the semester, Paul shares from John 15 on how we can bear fruit long term for the glory of God. 


In this message, David Clark shares qualities that a humble person pursues, as well as how to avoid pride in our lives. 


In this message, Cody Bryan shares what has helped his faith in God stay consistent and the impact this has had on his life. 

In this message, Paul talks about what integrity is and how we can continually develop it in our lives. 

Long term discipline has enormous benefit to us. Hebrews 12:2 says "No discipline is pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces...View Details

Finding Your Focus

In this message, Paul shares the importance of our thought life and how it affects our actions. This is especially important during this time of uncer...View Details

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