In this message, Paul walks us through how the Bible all points to Jesus and gives practical things we can do in our lives to recognize that fact. The...View Details

In this message, Harold talks about making decisions in a way that lines up with Scripture. What we decide today will affect our future!  This message...View Details

Jesus is King! The reality of Jesus' Lordship should affect personally and powerfully. Cody Bryan shares about how having Jesus as his Lord has change...View Details

The resurrection of Jesus was the most important event in history! In this message, Pastor Tim Hearon of Chico Community Church talks about about what...View Details

Love Him - Jerry Bridges

In his message, author and speaker Jerry Bridges discusses the "what" and "why" or having a daily quiet time with God. You can view message notes here...View Details

In this message, Director Paul Worcester kicks off our new series "Jesus" talking about why we can believe that Jesus is who he said he is! You can vi...View Details

In this message, author and speaker LeRoy Eims discusses the importance of wholeheartedness in followers and leaders alike. This message was originall...View Details

In this final installment of our series "Thrive", Professional Counselor Tom Miller tackles the topic of depression as he offers biblical wisdom and p...View Details

In this message pastor and author Harold Bullock shares testimonies and general strategies to develop as you lead others in discipleship. This message...View Details

In this message from our series, "Thrive", Dr. Adam Groza of Gateway Seminary discusses the legitimacy of doubt in our walk with God and how to combat...View Details

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