In his message, author and speaker A.W. Tozer clearly lays out our condition before God, Jesus' wholly sufficient atonement for our sins, and what we ...View Details

In this message from our series "Thrive", Pastor Gary Hamilton of Chico Community Church shares 3 things we need to do to experience Success God's Way...View Details

In this message, author and speaker LeRoy Eims discusses key character attributes found in great, vision driven leaders. This message was originally f...View Details

In this new message from our series "Thrive", Director Paul Worcester shares what the Bible has to say about finding calm in the storm of life.

In this message, author and speaker J. Oswald Sanders, shares from Mark 10 and Isaiah 42, and the biblical emphasis on being a servant to be a great l...View Details

In the second installment of our new series "Thrive", Associate Director Cody Bryan shares two points with us that will help us in making the most of ...View Details

Follow Me - Max Barnett

Here, campus minister Max Barnett discusses the intensity of following Christ and bringing others along with us in our pursuit of the kingdom. This me...View Details

Author and speaker Walt Henrichsen walks through 2 Timothy 4 and Paul's exhortation to Timothy to diligence in the faith and ministry. This message wa...View Details

In this message, author and speaker J. Oswald Sanders speaks from Matthew 9:35-38 about the harassed and helpless sheep around us and our responsibili...View Details

In this message, author and speaker Jerry Bridges shares from Philippians 1 on how we can partner with others for the Great Commission. This message w...View Details

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