Session 3 // Fall Retreat

Session 2 // Fall Retreat 2022

Session 1 // Fall Retreat 2022

The old version of you does NOT have in say in your life! Check out this message from Pastor Tim Hearon as he shares how we can let the future victory...View Details

Check out this message from Pastor Gary Hamilton as he shares from John 9 on how we can be fully restored. Want to get connected with Challenge CSUC o...View Details

IT'S 👏 NOT 👏 TOO 👏 LATE 👏 Do you ever feel like you can't get a grip on life? You're not alone, and you're never too far off to get back! This victory...View Details

3 Keys to success in the Christian life 🔑 1. Pursue healthy community.2. Pursue spiritual unity.3. Pursue growth opportunities. Check out this new mes...View Details

We all want to experience life to the full, right? We might try different things to feel this full experience of life, but it doesn't always work out ...View Details

Don't waste your life... We all spend our life doing something. And we surely don't want to waste it, right? Have you ever wondered what God's plan fo...View Details

We all face challenges in life. But how can we deal with them in a God-honoring way? Check out this message as Pastor Gary Hamilton shares 3 steps to ...View Details

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