Cultivating Influence

The influence we have on the people around us is important and should be something we are intentional about! David shares how we can cultivate influen...View Details

In the last message of the semester, Cody Bryan shares some verses that God used to direct his life that should set the course for all of us in determ...View Details

In this message on Galatians 6, Matt unpacks the apostle Paul's encouragement to "not grow weary in doing good" and what this means for our lives prac...View Details

In this message on Galatians 4, Ryan talks about some practical ways we can grow in spiritual maturity and how we can pass that on to others. 

David shares with us from Galatians 3 about what it means to be heirs of Abraham, and how that truth should affect our attitude towards others. 

In the third and final session of Spring Break Online, Neil asks eight questions that show us the wisdom of God in having laborers as his method to re...View Details

The goal and process of laboring are clearly shown in the life of Paul. In session two of Spring Break Online, Neil unpacks how we can follow the apos...View Details

In this first session of Spring Break Online, Neil Walker shares the things that can discourage us from laboring to multiply disciples. 

In this workshop on evangelism, Paul shares what should drive our desire to share the gospel, and practical steps we can take to share daily. 

Dating can be something that brings us closer to God, or something that pulls us away. In this workshop, Jacob and Katie talk about the importance of ...View Details

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