As we open our series called "Frequently Asked Questions", Jordin Crow, director of Engage at Southern Oregon University dives into the question, "Is ...View Details

In this workshop, Brittany Bryan and an accompanying panel share combative truths to lies women tend to believe.

In this final part, Steve Shadrach challenges us with 12 Great Commission Decisions to think about and apply.

In this message, Steve Shadrach highlights 5 keys to implementing your personal ministry

Here Steve Shadrach shares 5 questions that must be answered while we are in college.

In this opening message, campus minister and author Steve Shadrach shares 7 building blocks for our lives and ministries.

In this workshop and Q&A, Jacob and Katie lay out 3 choices we can make and how we should biblically respond to these choices.

In this final part, Bevan Unrau wraps up his series on being an authentic Christian, looking through Colossians 3:1-17.

In this message, Bevan Unrau introduces 3 perspectives from Colossians 3:15-17 that Christians have.

In this continued part, Bevan Unrau wraps up the 3 practices of an authentic Christian.

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