In this practical training, Jacob and Katie go through key points of faithfulness in our walks and some common pitfalls that will hinder our growth.

Here, Pastor Harold Bullock introduces the glory and predatory way fools found in scripture. This message was originally found on discipleshiplibrary....View Details

In the third installment of this series, Pastor Harold compares three different types of fools, their characteristics and how they are self defeating....View Details

In this workshop, David and Mariana discuss important considerations for upperclassman and especially graduating seniors as they transition out of col...View Details

Continuing in the second of this five part series, Pastor Harold Bullock lays out our foolish tendency to seek what we want, when we want it, along wi...View Details

In the first of this five part series, Pastor Harold Bullock opens on his study of folly in the Bible and our self defeating strategies. This message ...View Details

In this classic discipleship message, author and preacher A.W. Tozer shares from Philippians 4 on how we need to be reliant on prayer for results in o...View Details

In this message, church planter John Worcester shares about how to have an impactful walk with God and have a life of love for God and others.

In this message, author and minister LeRoy Eims shares about the urgency of the lives of those on college campuses and how earnestly we should seek to...View Details

In this message, Associate Director David Clark shares key principles and tools for discovering and implementing God's will for our lives.

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